Jade Anderson, CEO of Capstone Brokerage, a leading Risk Management, Insurance and Employee Benefits firm has been named Nevada Small Business Person of the Year for 2008 by the SBA. He was selected to represent Nevada at the SBA National Awards Ceremony in Washington DC where one individual was selected to be the National SBA Small Business Person of the Year.

Capstone has become a huge contender in the Insurance Brokerage arena with revenues increasing by 700 percent and employing 25 people. Capstone has plans to expand geographically as well as locally in the Las Vegas area.

Mr. Anderson always had a vision of empowering his employees, and creating a team. “There’s an open communication channel between the executives and employees.” according to Anderson. Anderson’s success has perhaps evolved because of his philosophy of the way he envisions his company. He hands over responsibilities and has a trust in his staff or as he refers to them as “thinkers”. He believes that each employee is capable of making their own decision for the company’s greater good. He often takes a step back and lets the company run itself so to speak. He actually sees himself as being quite expendable. Anderson says, “Check your ego at the door. There is no room for it here.

Jade is also a member of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), is involved in the EO/MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Entrepreneurial Masters Program and also spends about a third of his time giving back through Olive Crest, a Non-profit that supports prevention and treatment of child abuse. He is a father of two with another on the way he admits, “my biggest challenge is passing along the values I’ve learned.”

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