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Business Owner Policy Insurance

A Business Owners Policy That Fits Perfectly

A Capstone Business Owners Policy contains all the components a business requires for a solid risk management base. Our BOP’s are designed to provide insurance for small business owners and the owners of medium sized businesses. They are available in packages tailored to the needs of a broad range of businesses covering most major industries and professions. For larger businesses with more than 50 employees, or very high sales volume, we also offer custom programs that are targeted for your more specialized requirements.

Business Owner Policy

Business Property Insurance

A business’s physical property often represents their largest asset holdings. A single event, like a fire, can destroy buildings, equipment and inventory and have a devastating impact on the business. Capstone’s Business Owners Policy will cover property losses over and above the policy’s deductible amount – up to the policy limits, protecting the investments made in these resources.

Business Interruption Insurance

Property and equipment aren’t the only loss a business can incur in a catastrophic event. The loss of equipment and property may also force the business to decrease production or completely cease operations until repairs and new equipment are in place. The dependence of today’s business on technology and internet access means that business interruption can come also come from website crashes and other technology failures. Capstone’s business interruption coverage provides funds to make up for lost revenues and to cover expenses until the business is operational again, should disaster strike from either front.

Business Casualty and Liability Insurance

Lawsuits are an unfortunate reality of doing business these days. A Capstone Business Owners Policy includes a casualty and liability protection clause, which protects a business in the event that their products or production process harms someone. The small business liability insurance provided in our Business Owners Policy insures against all manner of civil suits, including accidents, slander, copyright infringement and a variety of other legal liabilities.

Crime and Employee Theft Insurance

A business can experience the affects of criminal activity from both outside and internal sources. Because of this, Capstone’s Business Owners Insurance provides protection from all kinds of crimes including burglary, theft, and robbery, as well as the internal crimes of employee theft or embezzlement.

Business Auto Insurance

When a business owns and operates vehicles, Capstone provides Business Auto Insurance as an integral part of their Business Owners Policy, regardless of whether the vehicles are delivery trucks or automobiles for sales staff.