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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Unfortunately these days, anyone can be sued.  And million dollar judgments, once a rarity, have become all too common.  Even if the court decides in your favor, you may still have to pay legal fees and court costs. Fortunately, you can mount a powerful defense against the financial burden of personal litigation.

Personal umbrella coverage provides the expanded liability protection you may need if a serious accident occurs, even if you’re traveling outside the country on business or vacation.  It’s an inexpensive way to add important value to your insurance coverage and protect yourself against potentially catastrophic financial burdens or losses.

Umbrella coverages protect you from situations like:

  • If a neighbor gets injured while swimming in your pool
  • A passerby trips and breaks their leg on your property
  • If your dog’s bite proves worse than his bark
  • You get in a car or motorcycle accident and are sued for million’s of dollars

In addition, your Personal Umbrella plan will extend the same coverage to your spouse, as well as to other relatives living in the same household,  within the limits and exclusions described in the policy.