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Professional Insurance

Professional Insurance

As a professional, your clients rely on you to provide them with trustworthy guidance in your area of expertise. You should expect that same professional guidance from your Risk Management provider, and with Capstone, that is exactly what you will receive. Our Risk Management Advisors are well-trained in identifying areas of exposure related to each specific profession and can provide expert counsel regarding your Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions and all the other areas related to Loss Control in your business.

Risk Management for the Professional

Lawyer Insurance

As experts in the law, the attorneys that Capstone serves as clients seldom need education regarding Risk Management. What they are looking for is prompt and personalized service from a firm who understands their needs. Attorneys continue to partner with Capstone in the area of Loss Control, because we deliver above and beyond their expectations.

Accountant Insurance

CPA firms are very closely linked with their clients through the accounting services they provide. Capstone understands this complex business relationship and the potential risk exposure that can result. We provide our CPA clients professional solutions with exceptional value.

Financial Insurance

Capstone recognizes the risk factors faced by Financial Advisors, Mortgage Lenders and others in the Finance & Investment Industry. We advise and assess the needs of our clients in the Finance Industry on a very individualized basis.

Real Estate Insurance

The ups and downs of the Real Estate Industry can create a heavy stress load for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Capstone can be trusted to take all the stress out of your Risk Management needs with our personalized service by experts who understand the issues faced by the Real Estate Industry.

Architect and Engineer Insurance

The signature of an Architect or Engineer on a set of blueprints carries a lot of weight and a lot of responsibility. Capstone knows how to properly assess your coverage needs to ensure that your Errors and Omissions coverage adequately provides for the level of responsibility you carry. Annual reviews will assure that your coverage keeps pace with the advancement of your business.

Surveyor Insurance

Precise measurements and calculations are critical in the Surveying Industry. Builders, real estate agents, property owners and government agencies depend upon your services. The weight of that responsibility carries with it a high level of risk. Capstone recognizes this high level of exposure and knows how to adequately protect our clients in the Surveying Profession.