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Hospitality Insurance

Hospitality Insurance

Capstone provides Risk Management and Insurance Services to some of the most elegant Casinos, Hotels and Restaurants in the world. Our clients are some of the most recognizable companies in the industry. We understand that the risk management needs will not be the same for a resort as they are for a casino, restaurant or hotel. Our Hospitality Insurance Programs are custom tailored to meet the individual needs of your particular business.

Risk Management for the Hospitality Industry

Casino Insurance

The handling of large amounts of cash is one of the unique areas of risk related to the casino business. It requires appropriate assessment and management of the risks involved. The continual development and utilization of new technologies within the casino environment is another area that requires proactive re-evaluations to ensure that all conceivable scenarios are covered and that your potential for loss is minimized. Capstone is very familiar with the casino operations of its clients and the specialized Risk Management required.

Hotel-Motel Insurance

The satisfaction and safety of your overnight guests is the number one priority of every hotel or motel establishment. Risk Management related to master keys, key cards and the personal property of your guests are just some of the specific areas your business needs to consider. Errors and omissions coverage specific to your type of service is another key ingredient that should be reviewed. Capstone Advisors work hand-in-hand with our clients to development comprehensive Risk Management plans to fit their needs and their budget.

Resort Insurance

No two resorts are alike in their offerings to their guests. This requires a very personalized needs assessment on the part of your Risk Management team to assure that every area of service is appropriately covered. Whether it relates to day spa services or outdoor activities such as golfing, hunting or equine areas, every resort deserves customized loss coverage for all of its offerings.

Restaurant Insurance

Food service is an area that may operate solo or as an integral part of one of the hospitality areas listed above. Regardless of the scenario, this area of the hospitality industry has its own risk and loss issues to address. Food contamination and perishable losses are two of the risk factors to be considered, along with liquor license liabilities that are also applicable in many cases. Capstone is an experienced provider of Risk Management services to all types of restaurants.