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Employee Benefit Programs Insurance

Employee Benefits

Capstone’s Employee Benefits Consultants are experts in the custom design of employee benefits solutions, regulatory compliance and the administration of employee benefit programs. Our consultants’ knowledge of changes in employee benefit regulations and compliance is always current; ensuring that our clients are never caught unaware. Capstone clients receive personalized guidance with the development of their Employee Benefits Program, from basic group health plans to Section 125 cafeteria plans and Section 105 health reimbursement arrangements. Administration of COBRA and state-regulated continuation of benefits is another area of employee benefits that our Employee Benefit Consultants excel in.

Employee Benefit Programs

Group Health Insurance

Capstone represents all the premier providers of Group Health Insurance. Our Employee Benefits Consultants are well-versed in the various policy options available and the Group Health Insurance policies specifications that offer the best value to different size employers and different preferences in coverage packages. Our experts turn a complex decision into one that is clearly laid out with pros and cons of each option being presented to a client.

Supplemental Insurance Benefits

Group Health Insurance may be the primary piece to many Employee Benefit Programs, but there are many other types of employee benefits that are available as supplemental or voluntary benefit offerings. Dental Insurance, Short-term and Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance, Vision Insurance and Long-Term Care Coverage are options that Capstone’s Employee Benefits’ Consultants can suggest as possible inclusions in a company’s employee benefit offerings.

Cafeteria Plans, Healthcare Reimbursement Plans and COBRA Administration

Employee Benefits don’t end with insurance offerings. Most employees expect and welcome the options of Section 125 Cafeteria Plans and Section 105 Healthcare Reimbursement Plans. With the tax benefits available to employers offered through these plans, they become a win-win situation for employer and employee. These plans do require an element of education for employees and human resource departments on proper administration of the plans according to government regulations, services that our Employee Benefit Consultants are happy to provide. COBRA notifications and administration when employees leave is another area of education and support our consultants provide.

Informative Materials, Detailed Reporting and Expert Support.

With Capstone as their Employee Benefits Consultant, a business has access to a wealth of informational resources that will assist them in educating their employees regarding the benefits offered and their rights and tax benefits provided under government regulations. Detailed reporting is another important service provided through our Employee Benefits Division. Whether it is an employee with questions about their health insurance benefits or a company’s HR department seeking assistance, each inquiry is handled with individual concern and prompt response to their needs.