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Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment Insurance

Capstone’s risk management clientele includes a wide range of venues from World Class Nightclubs to local bars, taverns, live events and productions. Our custom tailored programs fully address the unique risks of the Entertainment Industry with individualized Safety Programs and Claims Management services that are designed to perfectly fit each client, regardless of size, location or type of entertainment being provided.

Risk Management for the Entertainment Industry

Nightclub Insurance

Capstone provides risk management and insurance services to some of the most recognized names in the night club industry. Many of the top night clubs in America turn to Capstone for their unique risk management and insurance needs. They trust Capstone to keep them ahead of the game in regards to Loss Prevention, Safety Programs and Claims Management.

Bars & Tavern Insurance

Liquor licensing and service holds its own specific liabilities. Each city and state has its own unique requirements for establishments carrying liquor licensing. Capstone’s Risk Managers are well versed in these specifics for each of our clients, regardless of their location. Recreational and entertainment activities will vary from one establishment to the next and the Loss Control measures Capstone provides will be tailored accordingly. Risk Management training for owners and employees in these establishments is another big part of the services provided by Capstone to its Bar and Tavern clients.

Live Event Insurance

Live Event coverage can extend from large outdoor events such as concerts and festivals, which require unique forms of Risk Management that go beyond that of a day-to-day business, to coverage for theaters, indoor concerts and even a piano player lounge setting. Capstone understands the specific needs of all these different scenarios and can provide coverage for one day events, multi-day events, multi-venue events and ongoing entertainment venues. Private events such as family weddings and reunions can also include some of the same Live Event Risk Management requirements.

Film Production Insurance

Feature films, documentaries, commercial and television productions represent one of the largest segments of the Entertainment Industry. Capstone’s Risk Management Advisors are proactive in identifying potential areas of loss and working with our clients to minimize risk. Coverage is also offered for the unique loss areas related to casting and filming issues.