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Retail and Wholesale Insurance

Retail and Wholesale Insurance

Capstone Retail clients cover a wide spectrum; from small, locally owned Boutiques to Franchised Retail Stores to Online Retailers. Our Wholesale client base is just as broad; from paper products to flooring products to electronics. Each unique product and product delivery method requires its own specialized Risk Management assessment and Loss Control applications, and Capstone is able to meet those specialized needs.

Risk Management for the Retail and Wholesale Industry

C-Store Insurance

Capstone evaluates the combined risk areas of Petroleum Marketing, Grocery Retail and Crime Exposure that must be addressed by its Convenience Store clients. Providing cost effective solutions that are also comprehensive in nature has been a winning strategy for both Capstone and our C-Store clients.

Warehouse Insurance

Inventories will naturally fluctuate within a Warehouse setting; Capstone understands this and is able to provide cost-effective Loss Coverage that accounts for those fluctuating inventory values. Customized Risk Management for each situation is the hallmark of Capstone Brokerage.

Distribution Insurance

Wholesale Distribution carries with it certain risk factors. Insurance can cover losses, but at Capstone, we work with our Distribution clients to evaluate and minimize that risk, which in turn, lowers their propensity for loss. This is the goal of true Risk Management, to decrease your loss potential rather than simply insure against it.

Internet Insurance

Capstone provides Risk Management and Loss Coverage that addresses the unique scenarios that can develop for Retailers and Wholesalers who market and sell their products via the Internet. Website downtime for example can become an extremely costly interruption of business, when most or all of your sales flow through that electronic portal. Capstone assists our clients in developing Loss Prevention Strategies to minimize that risk and protect those intangible assets.