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Technology Insurance

Technology Insurance

Keeping up with the fast-paced changes and advancements in the Technology Industry requires a tech-savvy Risk Management partner like Capstone. Our Technology Experts work with you to ensure that your Risk Management Strategies are forward focused, so that each new area of exposure is addressed promptly and adequately.

Risk Management for the Technology Industry

Communication Insurance

As one of the most competitive fields in the Technology Industry, communication providers require Risk Management Services that are equally competitive, in price and quality of service. Capstone provides that competitive edge that you are looking for, while ensuring personalized and knowledgeable service as it relates to the complex needs of today’s multi-faceted Communication Providers.

Media Insurance

The Media Industry covers the broad spectrum of print, photography, video, audio, television and internet applications. Capstone’s Risk Management advisors provide customized service for your specific needs, regardless of whether they cover a combination of media applications or are singularly focused.

Software Insurance

Whether your company is a leader in the Software Development Industry or the newest kid on the block, Capstone’s industry specific service provides assurance that your Risk Management needs will be perfectly tailored to meet your level of exposure.

Bio-Tech Insurance

New litigation and safety issues arise everyday in the rapidly advancing Bio-Tech Industry. At Capstone, we remain informed and proactive as we work in tandem with your Risk Management Team to limit exposure and control losses.

Gaming Insurance

Capstone is a premier provider of Risk Management and Loss Control services to the Gaming Industry. Casinos across the nation utilize our expertise to minimize their exposure and keep ahead of the game in this electronics based industry.