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Mining and Energy Insurance

Mining and Energy Insurance

Capstone is a leader in Safety Program Development and Risk Management. Capstone plays a proactive role in identifying and mitigating risk factors through industry specific training and analysis for our clients in the Mining and Energy Industries. In the event of a loss, our individual claim representatives work closely with our clients to minimize the impact of those losses.

Risk Management for the Mining and Energy Industry

Mineral Insurance

Capstone’s highly trained Risk Management Specialists will work with your Risk Manager to develop effective Safety Initiatives which include ongoing assessments and evaluations to minimize loss and ensure OSHA Compliance. Our customized approach recognizes that above ground and underground mining operations each include their own specific risk factors and loss considerations, as do the specifics of silver and gold mining versus iron ore or rare earth.

Oil & Gas Insurance

Capstone provides Risk Management services for refineries and distribution operations within the Oil and Gas Industry. High profile Safety Management Strategies are of vital importance for the safety of the employees and the environment during this time of heightened public awareness in regards to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.

Drilling & Exploration Insurance

Offshore drilling operations and land based operations require very specialized Risk Management approaches. Capstone understands the differences between the two and offers Risk Evaluation and Management for each area of the industry. We provide targeted management of risks which relates to environmental issues, as well as your operational and human elements.

Electric Power Insurance

Capstone provides Risk Management Solutions that address the crucial security and compliance issues that are faced by those involved in the Electric Power Industry. Cyber access security training and reviews are a critical component in Capstone’s partnership with their clients in the Electric Power Industry.

Utility Insurance

Risk Management for Utility Companies requires individualized assessment by those who understand the industry and the specific needs of the different sectors; such as, sewage, city water systems and waste management. Capstone Risk Management Experts have the industry knowledge necessary to address each sector’s needs appropriately and proactively.