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Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

Capstone has the experience and high service rating that our clients in the Manufacturing Industry expect. Our Industry Specialists will tailor your Risk Management Solutions to fit your specific area of manufacturing. Assessment of risk areas such as product recall, extended warranty and trade show coverage are just some of specialty areas which we evaluate for our Manufacturing clients, in addition to our heavy focus on Safety and Regulatory Compliance Programs.

Risk Management for the Manufacturing Industry

Product Risk Management

In addition to your typical Business Insurance coverage and Safety Program development, our Advisors work with our Product Manufacturing clients to develop Risk Management Strategies related to Product Liability, Copyright Infringement and other potential litigation issues which can arise in the Manufacturing Industry.

Sheet Metal Risk Management

Capstone provides the same precision in our Risk Assessments for our clients as you provide in your Sheet Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing. A full review of the needs unique to your industry assures that there are no gaps in either your Safety Program or your Insurance Coverage.

Gaming Risk Management

Capstone provides Gaming Manufacturers with Risk Management services that are designed to keep pace with their high level of innovative technology. Capstone Advisors are continually re-assessing the needs of our clients to provide forward-reaching protection in this very competitive and ever advancing industry.

Automotive Risk Management

Risk Management for Automotive Production is multi-faceted and far reaching. Capstone’s Advisors have always worked hand-in-hand with industry Risk Management Leaders to oversee the development and ongoing evaluation of in-plant Safety Programs as well as the after-market Product Liabilities that can create another level of risk for our Automotive clients.

Chemical Risk Management

The industry specific hazards of Chemical Manufacturing require a diligent approach to Safety Management and Regulatory Compliance. Capstone’s Risk Management Advisors are adept at developing Risk Evaluation and Loss Control programs that are specifically targeted to the needs of a Chemical Manufacturer, including areas of research and development.

Printing Risk Management

The technology and products used in the Printing Industry are unique, and so are the areas of risk associated with this industry. Capstone’s individualized approach to Risk Management and Loss Control will provide the assurance you need that all your industry specific areas of exposure are covered.