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Transportation Insurance

Transportation Industry

Whether you are a small local business or you provide transport on a national or global scale, Capstone’s personalized service will assure that your Risk Management needs are adequately assessed. We understand the importance that Loss Prevention and Control play in the Transportation Industry and have developed specialized programs to assist your company in achieving your goals in that area. Our experts have years of experience in Long Haul, Short Haul, Owner Operator, Leasing, Box truck, Transport, Cargo and many other forms of Transportation Risk Management and Insurance.

Risk Management for the Transportation Industry

Trucking Insurance

Capstone provides Risk Management and Insurance Coverage for small to large trucking companies providing long haul, short haul and transport, as well as for owner/operators. We offer safety and compliance training services specifically designed for the trucking industry. Our specialists know how to ask the right questions to make sure that you receive the specific Loss Control options you need.

Fleet Insurance

Insuring a fleet of vehicles for commercial use, whether it is a corporation or a government agency, is quite different from a simple auto policy. Capstone Advisors can advise your Risk Managers regarding how to best cover and manage the risk factors related to your fleet of vehicles and their drivers. Covering all of your vehicles under a fleet program will save you time and money.

Aviation/Aerospace Insurance

Aircraft and helicopter insurance are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the Loss Control offerings for the Aviation and Aerospace Industries. Corporate and private aircraft, aircraft dealers and repair facilities, charter companies and airports all fit under this category, and our Capstone Aviation Experts can assist each one in managing their own unique risk and loss control issues.

Towing & Recovery

Your towing and recovery operation may be connected with an auto repair shop, storage lot or you may hire out your towing services. We are able to individually assess each client’s specific needs and provide for your loss requirements, while fulfilling the legal insurance requirements for the towing industry that apply for the state or states that your company operates in.

Livery Insurance

Limousines, taxis and other vehicle groups in the Livery Industry have specific insurance requirements they need to meet for the states and regions which they operate in. Capstone’s Livery Specialists are well informed regarding these requirements, regardless of which area of the country you operate in. We also offer proactive Safety and Loss Control services to assist our Livery clients in maximizing their preventive safety measures.

Logistics Insurance

Shipping, docking and warehousing services, all are a part of the Logistics Industry. Capstone works as a resource partner with Risk Management teams within the industry to assure that every area of risk is properly evaluated and assessed for Loss Control. Capstone has the expertise necessary to deal with the international issues that make up a large part of the risk factors related to today’s Logistics Industry.