NACS Pilot Program

Why is NACS launching this new program?

NACS has long recognized the importance of convenience stores having a strong insurance and risk management program to protect their businesses. NACS realizes it’s often difficult for their members to compete with larger companies for lower premiums and reduced costs. That’s why Capstone and NACS are introducing this new program – to help NACS members by providing access to stronger and more affordable insurance and risk management services.

How does the pilot process work?

Participants in the Pilot Program will receive a package with instructions on how they may participate. Each participant will then work closely and confidentially with Capstone on the program development.

About Capstone Brokerage

Capstone Brokerage is a leading National Risk Management & Insurance Brokerage with expertise in the property & casualty insurance industry. NACS has worked with Capstone over the last two years to develop this program.

Please contact:

Tam St. Armand
(646) 470-8261

Mary Thompson
(702) 227-5727