HEALTH CARE PRESENTATIONIn a recent luncheon presentation, I spoke about  maintaining a high value benefits program in a down economy and how simply cutting the employer contribution may be detrimental to the long term success of the plan.  We have to do more with less and the easiest way to trim the health plan fat (cutting employer contribution) isn’t necessarily the best way.  While it may work well in the short term, when the plan renews the rates have a tendancy to skyrocket and the employer ends up with greater issues to contend with.

The basic premise behind a “Defined Benefit Multi-Choice Plan” is to give the employee the ability to choose a medical plan that best fits his/her medical needs and financial budget.

Today – I was in an enrollment meeting where an employee had previously terminated his and his famiily’s health coverage because he could no longer afford the $220 being deducted from his pay check. When we reviewed the options that were newly available to him – he was able to purchase a $2,500 deductible co-pay plan for himself and his family for $62 per pay check and he was ecstatic to be able to provide health insurance for his family again.

The above is just one example of how these multi-choice options can assist your employees in affording quality health insurance for themselves and thier families.

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