NEVADA PEST CONTROL  “The progam includes numerous additional coverages which the insureds were prevoiusly charged for” explained Thompson.


Highlights of our new program include but not limited to:

Property Damage Extensions for inspections – provides coverage for three years from the date of the inspection on property damage claims as a result from Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspection reports you perform.

Property Damage Extension for Treatments/Renewals – Provides coverage for property damage claims from a termite infestation for new treatment performed under our policy term and previous termite treatments performed prior and renewed under our policy term that fail allowing for additional termite damage.

Property Damage Extension for continual monitoring/treatments (baiting) – Provides coverage for property damage claims from “baiting” types systems, i.e. Sentricon, Advantage, etc. performed and/or serviced during our policy term and fail allowing for additional termite damage.

Extended property damage for care, custody and control – This coverage expands your general liability policy to include certain property while in your care, custody, or control. When performing normal operations the property is insured from damages resulting in a loss you are held liable.

Job Site pesticide & Herbicide Aplicators coverage (pollution liability) – This endorsement provides from the use of chemicals used by you during a treatment that my cause bodily injury or property damage claim. Includes the cost to “clean up”.

Transit pesticide & herbicide aplicators coverage (pollution Liability) – Provides coverage for the pollution exposure from chemicals in the insured’s vehicles that cause a bodily injury or property damage claim from your vehicles. Includes the cost related to “clean up”.

To obtain more information on this new program please contact us.